About OES



Founded by Scandinavian explorers in the early 10th century, but only recently incorporated in 2016, the Oceanic Exploration Society is a community of seafaring souls who are happiest on, in, and under the water.  It is our formal contention that the ocean, notable for the fact that it was, is, and forever will be the genesis of all life on our planet is utterly and undeniably awesome.  As such, we are firmly committed to building a movement of oceanic awareness and conservation in order to preserve this precious resource.

With that background, let us tell you about our wares.  Simply put, they're significantly better than whatever is in your closet now, unless of course that garment happens to already don OES’s signature watch-cap-wearing harbor seal. Each OES piece is handmade by adult humans in the United States with an emphasis on sustainably sourced fabrics, and each production run is limited in number so you can be comforted by the fact that you’re wearing a unique piece of cloth.  Lastly, OES is fun.  Some even say we are very fun.  Since you’re still reading this, OES likes you and thinks you are also fun!

Anyway, your turn.  Join the sealpack.  Look rad and protect the ocean so it can protect you.


The Sealpack